On site

For those who wish to prolong their visit to the Jardin des Méditerranées, there are various options open to visitors:

  • ‘Recharge your batteries’: pay a second visit to the Gardens, this time calling in at the Café des Jardiniers restaurant for a particularly enjoyable and delicious tea break right at the heart of the Gardens.
  • ‘Cultivate your garden’ at the Librairie des Jardiniers bookshop, which stocks over 3,000 titles on the subjects of gardening, botany, the uses of plants, etc. It also has a large range of children’s books.
  • ‘Scatter your seeds’ at the Domaine du Rayol’s attractive and sustainable Nursery. Its aim is to ‘cultivate without depleting resources’; you will be able to take specimens of some of the Gardens’ iconic plants away with you.