Support the Domaine du Rayol Association

Supporting the Domaine du Rayol Association means being part of a development project which is firmly rooted in its time and its region. The Domaine du Rayol is located opposite the Parc National de Port-Cros and just a stone’s throw from the area’s highest coastal tourist attractions. It sees its way forward in the combining of biodiversity, a cooperative economy and sustainable tourism.

Its aim is clear: to make the Domaine du Rayol a site of major importance in terms of the Mediterranean environment. Supporting the Domaine du Rayol Association also means subscribing to the utopian ideals of an era, to the message it hopes to leave future generations by means of its environmental heritage.

The founding of the Association

After it was acquired by the Conservatoire du Littoral, some people who were particularly attached to the place set up the Domaine du Rayol Association which has been managing the site, under an agreement with the Conservatoire du Littoral, since 1989.
Over time, the association has grown in stature. It now rather resembles a dynamic small business, subject to cost accounting and auditing, with a formal organisation, a training policy, investments, a stewardship backed by office-bearers and a board of trustees, etc. But the men and women who run it never forget the common purpose which unites them.

A number of projects

The Domaine du Rayol Association makes no distinction between large and small donors, and there are a great number of demands and projects: restoring the buildings, improving access for the disabled, cultural activities, international exchanges, etc. Depending on the sum you wish to donate, various possibilities are open to you:

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