Self-guided tours

The Jardin des Méditerranées offers you the chance of a two-hour trip through its eleven different landscapes.

You will find plants from all over the world, from subtropical Asia to Chile and from Mexico to New Zealand. These landscapes, designed by Gilles Clément, have evolved since 1989 to resemble the natural landscapes as closely as possible. Let the exotic scenery carry you away to distant lands as you explore the little paths which lead you from one surprise to another. To appreciate the hard work of the Domaine’s gardeners and discover the treasures in each landscape, we suggest you take advantage of the audio-guides and guidebooks (available in English and in German). Together with the map, they will help you make the most of your tour.

The Domaine du Rayol is not just a garden

It is also a nature reserve in its own right. Here, flora and fauna grow at their own pace and the gardeners have learned to observe them with respect. Discover the wealth of the Massif des Maures’ natural heritage: the maquis grows here unfettered and offers shelter to many different animal species. The diversity of its ecosystems makes it a rich environment which is in need of protection. In order to guarantee the continued protection of terrestrial and marine environments, the DPM (Domaine Public Maritime – Public Maritime Zone) is also managed by the Domaine du Rayol Association. There are two ways in which you can discover this eleventh landscape: from mid-June to mid-September via the marine trail, accompanied by a guide; or by visiting the permanent exhibition on show at the Maison de la Plage by the Baie du Figuier.

Gardens – booklet

A little booklet has been designed to encourage children to explore the Jardin des Méditerranées; there are puzzles for little explorers to solve which will help them discover the gardens’ iconic plants.