The Ecological Plant shop Scatter your seeds

The Ecological Plant shop is open and free to access, regardless of the ticket entry to the Garden. It is open every day of the year, Saturdays and Sundays included.


Created in 2010, the Domaine du Rayol production nursery has two main purposes:

  • the first is to supply plants for the Gardens, in order to strengthen existing populations or replace certain plants,
  • the second is to offer visitors the opportunity to leave with a souvenir of the Garden, and to choose plants particularly well adapted to the gardens of the region and even elsewhere.

‘Sustainable and desirable’, the nursery’s goal is to produce without depleting resources, and aims to be ecological. Of course, as in the Gardens themselves, no synthetic inputs are permitted in the growing medium (no fertilisers or pesticides). Soil straight from the Gardens is systematically used to make the medium in order to facilitate the future acclimatisation of the plant. Mediums are adapted according to the plants produced. Plants’ root systems and natural balance are respected. As much waste as possible generated by the production process is recovered and recycled.

All the plants produced come from the Gardens. This involves cuttings for the most part, and seedlings for those for which taking cuttings is not feasible. We do not carry out any purchase/resale operations.

The list of plants sold at the Nursery is accessible via the Plant Catalogue. However, since many plants are undergoing propagation and breeding, this list is likely to change over time.

See the Plant Catalogue