Temporary exhibitions

At every begining of a new season, a new exhibition inhabite the Salle Potez, the main room of the Hôtel de la Mer.

The Garden is a continuation of Gilles Clément’s “Planetary Garden” project, which focuses on human’s interactions with nature, and raises the notion of human’s responsibility for the future of the planet. The Domaine du Rayol is a place where meaningful ideas and actions emerge, reconciling opposites and overcoming apparent contradictions. The Garden is a place of openness and questioning, where all points of view can be freely discussed.

Consequently, the Domaine du Rayol sees itself as a space for experimentation and research, supporting and promoting artistic projects that question art and the environment. Through our exhibitions, we aim to raise awareness, challenge and question visitors, still caught up in the spirit of the Jardin des Méditerranées, about our sensitive, fragile and ever-changing relationship with living things.

Our spring, summer and winter exhibitions must follow this approach, but are free of themes and media.
The autumn exhibition ties in with the theme of Gondwana, the Mediterranean Plant Festival, Domaine du Rayol’s flagship event.

See the full calendar of the exhibits on the French website