The four seasons in the Gardens

Owing to the great diversity of plants that it comprises and the mild climate on the Var coast, each day brings something new to the Jardin des Méditerranées. In summer, the garden fights the heat and lack of water by releasing its scents. It is during this period that one seeks the coolness of the fern valley, the shade of tall trees and the coastal breeze. In autumn, as soon as the first rains have passed, the Jardin des Méditerranées has its own little spring. Once the summer drought has ended, the garden awakes from its slumber. In winter, the blossoming of the mimosas paints the garden yellow and the acanthus cover the soil with their big green leaves. Spring is the time of flowering and renewal. If you pause for a moment to listen to the birds singing or to hear the gardens vibrate with the sound of its foragers, you’ll be amazed!