The Garden in autumn The Garden in autumn

In the Mediterranean climate, autumn is the rainy season, punctuated by gales and storms. The Mediterranean climate is therefore similar to tropical climates. Some years, however, the summer drought lasts a few months longer – only a small amount of rainfall allows the plants to survive and complete their annual cycles.

The awakening of the plants

Some plants flower the day after rain, such as Kleinia neriifolia, with its abundance of cream-coloured flowers. This cousin of ragwort is a succulent plant that loses its leaves during the dry season.

The planting period

It is also the planting season: the days get shorter, the temperature decreases, it rains, etc. By planting in autumn, generally speaking, plants are likely to recover better and grow well. This is because the soil is still warm and rainfall is abundant. The plants have time to settle in before winter sets in and, most importantly, to take root before facing the summer drought. Thereafter, just small amounts of water will suffice the following summer – a simple gesture to help support the planet !