Visitors’ guidelines & FAQs

The Domaine du Rayol is a conservation area and not a municipal garden. This is why it has some rules to considerate :

  • No smoking.
  • Do not wander off the tracks; they have been designed to take in all the best viewpoints.
  • No picnicking (there are several picnic areas provided in the village).
  • Do not drop paper or other rubbish. There are plenty of bins outside the site but none inside the Gardens.
  • No pets (even on the leash).
  • Feel free to stroke, smell, photograph and draw the plants but above all please do not pick them.
  • Please wear suitable clothing for your tour of the gardens (no swimsuits), particularly if you intend visiting the marine trail.

Your frequently asked questions (FAQs)

How long should I plan my visit for?

Allow at least 1 hour and a half for your visit; this will give you plenty of time for a complete tour of the Gardens. Comfortable shoes are advised. In the summer, a hat and sunscreen is more than recommended.

Do I need to book my entry ticket?

No, we do not take reservations online or in advance. You must book and pay on the premises, except for the activities or the thematic visits.

Can I book a table for lunch at the Café des Jardiniers?

The Café des Jardiniers is not reservable. Two services are offered if the first one is full.

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately, we cannot accept your furry pets in the Garden due to the preserved nature of the place.

Is the Garden reduced-mobility friendly?

The Garden provides facilities for people with reduced mobility or strollers, particularly around the reception, restaurant and facilities. However, some paths are not accessible for wheels or people with difficulties, due to stairs. For those with young children, we advise using a baby carrier rather than a pushchair for ease of access on the tracks and steps.

Can I have access to the beach?

The beach does not belong to the Domaine du Rayol and it is not permanently supervised by a lifeguard. This is why we cannot allow unsupervised access to our visitors. The only times the beach is accessible to our visitors is with our activities which involve exploring the Marine Garden in the summer (snorkeling, Feet in Water).