Nocturnal ramble Tours with a theme

At the coolest time of the day, accompanied by a guide, you can explore the Jardin des Méditerranées from another angle. Dusk encourages us to use all our senses: our sense of hearing, our sense of smell, our sense of touch, etc. In the calm of the evening, lulled by the sounds of the natural world, the gardens look very different.

By the shore, visitors are immersed in the summer atmosphere by the sound of the waves and the smell of the pines; and the moon, unless fickle Mother Nature intervenes, sails tranquilly behind the Pointe du Figuier in the centre of a starry sky.

Just around the corner, you may come across one of the garden’s more secretive inhabitants: a fox, a weasel, an amphibian, some bats perhaps… At these chance encounters, the impression of being merely a guest in these wild surroundings is very strong.

At last, standing on the terrace of the Villa Rayolet, tucked away at the heart of the Domaine, you can give your imagination free rein. What was life like for the first families who lived in this magical place? Did they also love to roam until late in the evening…?

This tour, accessible to everyone, is therefore first and foremost an opportunity to share the peace and calm. For convenience, we recommend you bring a torch. You may require a little assistance at times on the nocturnal ramble, so do bring a walking stick to lean on!