The Garden in winter

In winter, the gardens become a place for delightful strolls in search of spots warmed by the low-lying sun.

Precious moments

In quick succession, there is a wafting of the intermingled scents of the eucalyptus, mimosas and freesias in bloom in the middle of winter. These winter walks are precious moments in the glorious sunshine – although the sun is too low in the sky to provide any real heat and there are long shadows. Take a long, deep breath of the crisp fresh air and feel the calm.

Winter blooms

Mediterranean climates are characterised by their winter blooms. As they are forced to adapt to summer droughts which can last more than 6 months, some trees choose to bloom during the winter months. They take advantage of wet periods. This adaptation also corresponds to the cycle of pollinators, insects and vertebrates. In this way, Mediterranean climates are similar to tropical climates: the rhythms of vegetation are more in sync with the cycles of rainfall and drought than with the annual temperature cycle.

Austral Landscapes

Once again very green after the autumn rains, the austral landscapes are the most colourful of all.
In Australia, the different species growing in the mimosa grove come into bloom at different times throughout December to March. In South Africa, the aloes are in full bloom, surrounded by carpets of blue Felicia asteraceae, and lower down, little orange asters called Dimorphoteca sinuata.
The Erythrina lysistemon begins the long flowering season with its scarlet flowers.